White House Destroyed, After A Judge Deals Cohen And Trump A Massive Blow [DETAILS]

A recent request made by Donald Trump and his personal attorney Michael Cohen to be given permission to look over documents taken from Cohen by the FBI before prosecutors can properly examine them was tossed aside by a federal judge on Monday.

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Wood also shot down a plea from Trump to set in place a temporary restraining order against his own justice department, which would have allowed him to order prosecutors to not go through the files seized from Cohen’s home, office and hotel.

The judge’s final decision dealt a heavy blow to Trump and Cohen, who pleaded to have the first look at Cohen’s files after Trump dismissed the FBI raids as being part of a political “witch-hunt” and announced that “Attorney-client privilege is dead!” An attorney for the president stepped forth on Monday to accuse prosecutors of “government overreach”.

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Cohen, who served as a lawyer and fixer for Trump over the past decade, is now the subject of a criminal investigation that prosecutors in New York have said places the spotlight on his private finances and business interests.

The FBI last week no-knock raided Cohen’s properties along with a safety deposit box, phones and other devices after acquiring a search warrant from a judge, out of concern that Cohen would surrender to a simple subpoena. The obtained material have not yet been made available to prosecutors investigating Cohen.

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