Video OJ Simpson’s Jaw Dropping Confession To The Murder Of Ron And Nicole Resurfaces [VIDEO]

On Sunday, a “lost” interview from 2006 resurfaced, in which OJ Simpson tells the “hypothetical” recount of the night of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman were murdered, as the killer.

Although these details can be found in Simpson’s book “If I Did It,” Fox News had lost a 2-hour special, “OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?” in which he described the night of the murder in detail. The interview with publisher Judith Regan never aired in 2006 when it was filmed, because Fox admitted it was lost until now.

OJ Simpson was accused for murdering two people in 1994, and the investigation was one of the most highly-publicized and controversial court hearings in the history of America.

Simpson describes the night, hypothetically, in which he and his friend “Charlie” drove over to Nicole’s house, where they parked in the alley. They had a cap, gloves and had a knife in their possession, which was located under the seat. According to TMZ, Simpson describes walking around the home where he bumped into Ron Goldman, who said he and Nicole had just been at a restaurant and was there to return the sunglasses that her mother had forgot.

Simpson went on to say that because he thought Ron was there on a date with Nicole, he got angry at him, and the two were involved in a verbal dispute. That’s when Nicole came out and things began to escalate as she told OJ to “get the fuck off” her property. Simpson says that Nicole fell and was injured, when really the real story is that he swung the blunt end of the knife he was carrying and hit her in the face with it.

Throughout the “hypothetical” story, he used “I would,” however, at this point he lets that part drop and begins speaking in the first person. He continues saying that Ron got into a karate stance, and he said “You think you can kick my ass?”

Simpson then said, “I remember I grabbed the knife.” He realizes that he’s been speaking in the first person, his reaction?


When the interview resurfaced on Sunday night, social media was stunned, and the hashtag #DidOJConfess was created.



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