Trump’s Last Ditch Effort to Salvage His Presidency Just Backfired Tremendously

The White House is currently scrambling to the pick up the pieces following the FBI raid of Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.  The president initially responded to the raid by calling it an attack on the country as a whole.  He then vented his frustrations on Twitter, claiming that attorney-client privilege is dead.  However, the uneducated president was dead wrong.

Via Reuters:

[T]he privilege only covers communications relating to legal advice, said Lisa Kern Griffin, a former federal prosecutor and a professor at Duke University School of Law. It does not protect a person’s discussion of business, personal, or financial matters with a lawyer if they are unrelated to a legal representation.

Crucially, attorney-client privilege also does not apply to communications by a lawyer in furtherance of a crime or fraud.

Moving right along, the White House has since sent a letter to Judge Kimba Wood, a U.S. District Court judge for the Southern District of New York, requesting that she halt the DOJ’s review of Michael Cohen and allow Trump’s team to examine the materials first to determine which information to include.

Read the excerpt below:

“The President objects to the government’s proposal to use a ‘taint team’ of prosecutors from the very Office that is investigating this matter to conduct the initial privilege review of documents seized from the President’s personal attorney, Michael D. Cohen.”

A “taint team” is typically a nonbiased team of prosecutors who examine the documents related to a case to determine which information is indeed privileged.

Trump’s team stated, “Various documents that, to a taint team, may appear on their face to be non-privileged may in fact be covered by the attorney-client privilege.”

The Trump legal team is effectively assuming that the taint team can’t do its job efficiently, and they need to take control.

What is in those documents that has Trump so concerned?

What is your reaction?

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