Trump Lands on the Tarmac in Southern California, INSTANTLY Gets Humiliated Beyond Belief! [Photos]

If there is one state that profoundly loathes Trump, it’s the bold blue state of California, where fascism doesn’t sit well with people.  Trump entered enemy territory in Southern California today to view prototypes of his proposed vanity wall at the Mexico border.  He arrived amid the growing controversy that was the abrupt firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Californians are already gathering on both sides of the border to protest Trump’s xenophobic wall.  The prototypes are located close to San Diego.  California police are currently working overtime arranging a “temporary restricted area” to block out the mobs of protesters, according to the Washington Post.

Police promised to detain anyone who brings “implements of riot” including guns, knives, and blunt objects.

On Monday, elected officials gathered alongside protestors in San Diego’s Chicano Park to round up demonstrators for Trump’s imminent arrival.  A few hundred people marched through downtown San Diego to demonstrate on Monday night.

AG Jeff Sessions recently traveled to California to announce his new lawsuit against California over the state’s immigration policies that protect illegal immigrants.  California officials, including Gov. Jerry Brown, responded by telling Sessions that California doesn’t want any.

Check out the protests below:

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