‘Mission Accomplished’? Trump’s Ill-Advised Use of Bush’s Phrase Is Provoking Criticism and Mockery

“Mission accomplished.” It was a phrase that haunted George W. Bush for the last six years of his presidency and became a shorthand for a premature declaration of victory.

But for some reason, Trump wanted to evoke that memory on Saturday night when he used the phrase in a tweet on Saturday, praising himself for what he called a successful airstrike against targets related to Syria’s chemical weapons program.

The world mocked Trump mercilessly for using George W. Bush’s infamous phrase about the Iraq war.

In the face of all that mockery, Trump doubled down and tweeted,

As John Oliver said on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight,

It does not fill you with confidence to have a president who announces, “I know I’m repeating one of the most notorious political blunders in recent history. I meant to do it, everyone should do it, and I’m going to do it again, forever!”

I’ve got to say, if Trump’s intention was to descend so far into self-parody that he somehow burrowed though the Earth’s crust and came out the other side, then mission fucking accomplished!

Even Bush’s former communications director, Ari Fleischer, tweeted his recommendation to not use those words:

Many, many others on Twitter were critical of Trump’s appropriation of the phrase:

On CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning, Sen. Angus King (I-ME) said “it’s impossible to say at this point” whether the United States’ mission in Syria has been accomplished:

I think it’s very difficult to say “mission accomplished” if the mission is to deter the use of chemical weapons. We hope that will be the case, but we did a strike a year ago for that same purpose and it was deemed a success, but the chemical weapons have continued to be used.

Democratic lawmakers also called out Trump after he announced the strike for not going to Congress for approval of the military action. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said in a statement,

The President must come to Congress and secure an Authorization for Use of Military Force by proposing a comprehensive strategy with clear objectives that keep our military safe and avoid collateral damage to innocent civilians.

What do YOU think?

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