Kellyanne Conway Just SHOCKED the Nation with an ALARMING Opioid Announcement

One of Trump’s lofty (empty) campaign promises was to curb the opioid epidemic, which claims an unconscionable number of lives every year.  Americans who know the pain of watching a loved one(s) suffer from opiate addiction put their faith in Trump.

Last October, Trump declared the opioid epidemic a “health emergency,” then did nothing.  As of now, Kellyanne Conway is leading the charge on the opioid crisis, and she’s only made matters worse.  On top of the fact that Conway is monumentally unqualified for the role, Trump also announced planned cuts to the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).

Conway believes White House staffers know more than the drug experts.  Conway and her band are pushing for Trump’s border wall as the primary resolution, but the leading source of opioids are pharmaceutical companies, which could explain why Trump is in no hurry to thwart their sales.

Even AG Jeff Sessions said last week that doctors overprescribe opioids.

A former Trump administration staffer told Politico, “It’s fair to say the ONDCP has pretty much been systematically excluded from key decisions about opioids and the strategy moving forward.”

Regina LaBelle, who served as the drug office’s chief of staff in the Obama administration, commented, “I don’t know what the agency is doing. I really don’t.”  She added, “They aren’t at the level of visibility you’d think they’d be at by now.”

Trump’s campaign promise to end the opioid epidemic just transformed from a ruse to a selling point for his border wall.

What is your reaction?

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