‘FLAT EARTH’ Wackadoodles Claim ELON MUSK Is Part of a MASSIVE HOAX! [VIDEO]

You may not be aware of this, but there is a sizable number of people in this country who believe the earth is flat.

Yes, “flat” as in “if you go too far in any direction, you fall off the edge of the world” flat.

These people are now targeting Elon Musk, Tesla inventor and SpaceX founder, because he has launched a red Tesla roadster into space. The flat earthers are now accusing the billionaire of being part of a vast conspiracy.

Last week, Musk successfully launched and landed Falcon Heavy, the most powerful operational reusable rocket in the world. The Falcon’s payload was the roadster playing an infinite loop of “Space Oddity” with a dummy in it, which then floated around Earth. Its final destination was expected to be Mars, but it looks like it’s headed into the asteroid belt instead, where it will orbit the sun for 250 million years.

The Tesla’s launch was livestreamed, and people quickly used the opportunity to mock the Flat Earthers. Twitter even made a moment called “Did Elon Musk just shut down the Flat Earth conspiracy?”

Musk’s video, with its clear view of a round Earth, understandably ticked off these nutcases. Some are saying that the stunt was actually made to distract people from the fact that Tesla filed its biggest ever quarterly loss recently; others are saying it’s all part of an evil Illuminati plan.

Some say that the entire production was computer generated, while others are of the belief that it was filmed in a studio similarly to the moon landing. The only thing the Flat Earth community seems to agree on, though, is that they think the stunt was fake.

As Vice notes, like many other “niche communities,” Flat Earthers have found a home on YouTube and have created video after video “debunking” the launch. In one incredibly perplexing video that has 20,000 views, the commentator connects the Eagles winning the Super Bowl to the “flight of the Falcon,” relates the term “Saturn” to “Satan,” says the rocket is shaped like a satanic “penis,” sees Illuminati pyramids in the Tesla Roadster, and uses the fact that the video was shot using a fisheye lens as proof it’s a fake.

Musician and newly converted Flat Earther Delano Edwards, who has half a million followers on YouTube, made a video called “FLAT EARTH PROOF (ELON MUSK SPACEX FALCON HEAVY WAS FAKE)!!!!” and lays out several points like “where the fuck the stars at?” “why ain’t it spinnin’?” and “where the fuck the satellites at?”

You make billions of dollars every fucking year and this is the best shit you can come up with? From us being Flat-Earthers at least let us say, “Well, you did a good job this time.” I can do better than this with five dollars and the green screen I got. You gotta be a retarded person to believe that this shit is real. Wake the fuck up.


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