Donald Trump Screamed at the Internet in All Caps, and the Internet Showed Him No Mercy

On Monday, shutting their eyes to the evidence, GOP lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee said they’d found no evidence of collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election.

The GOP panel also said that while Russian intelligence interfered in the election, they didn’t do so to help Trump―a finding that flatly contradicts the evidence obtained by all of America’s intelligence agencies.

Trump welcomed the news with this tweet, which he posted in all caps:

As most Internet denizens know full well, the use of All Caps is the equivalent of shouting, and to shout online is considered a monumental breach of netiquette. But it was not just the breach of civilized behavior, since no one really expects that from President Trump anymore. It was his refusal to see the truth even when it’s screaming into his own face:

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