DISGUSTING! Trump Couldn’t Go One Minute Without Making a Racist Comment in California [Video]

Trump is currently near San Diego, CA viewing prototypes for his proposed wall at the Mexico border, and he couldn’t go one minute without making an offensive comment about Latinos.

Regarding the possibility of the wall being see-through, Trump stated, “You have to have see-through.”  He went on, “You have to know what’s on the other side of the wall… You could be two feet away from a criminal cartel and you don’t even know they’re there. Now we have equipment to take care of that, x-ray equipment, etc.”

The president then teed himself up by asking a nearby law official how critical “see-through” is for the sake of efficiency?

Trump then criticized using a “very powerful fence” because immigrants can cut through the fences.  He followed up by boldly claiming that “if you don’t have a wall system we’re not going to have a country.”

Trump later addressed the issue of wall height.  The president, who seems to be fixated on keeping Latinos out of America, said, “Getting over the top is easy.”

He added, “These are like professional mountain climbers. They are incredible climbers.”  Trump continued, “They can’t climb some of these walls. Some of them they can.”

Referring to human beings as “these” is bad enough.

Watch the clip below:

Twitter is in hysterics:

What is your reaction?

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